Mar 15, 2010


Have a quick look at my blog list, found at the bottom of the page.
Just to mention a few:

There's Shiv, a young woman whose had diabetes since she was a small child.

Then there's Becky, also a young woman, but only diagnosed about year ago.

Also have a peep at Waving and Drowning, written by a mother of a type 1 child.

There's also Sam, who was diagnosed with type 1 "after throwing up over a couple of girls in my class whilst watching Oliver Twist." when she was just eight :)

You might also want to say hello to Northerner , who is running and rhyming with type 1.

I would especially recommend the blogs if you're unfamiliar with the incredible hassle type 1 diabetes causes every bloody day. I am only the mother and there are days when I feel quite confident my son will have a good life. Then there are those black days, when it all seems hopeless and I can't stop mulling over all the possible complications and problems he will have when he grows up. The worst days are those when Eli keeps asking is he going to get better soon.

And for your information, nice ladies on the street, he didn't ask this before you idiots told him that he'll get better soon. He was quite happy with his dysfunctional pancreas until complete strangers pointed out that he's ill. (Insert explicative here).

Anyway, have a look :)


  1. Completely unrelated, but when do you stop being 'a young woman'? I thought I sounded like a 60-year old man talking about 'promising young ladies'...
    I don't get called a young woman. A mother of two or just 'the lady'.
    Maybe you lose all other adjectives when you become a mother. You're just someone's mum.

  2. Very interesting blog, thank You dear!

  3. thanks for the link, and apologies it has taken me so long to spot this post!