Mar 17, 2010


What to do when people think that 24.5 is a 'decent' reading? Somehow I disagree. And so does Eli, a weeping, pale, tired mess, begging for more water. I can't 'rage bolus' as this isn't my body but I do get the sense of just forcing it down, NOW!

Tired of the peaks and the overcompensating and measuring hourly from those poor, bruised fingertips. Eli is only four so his fingertips are tiny. And he's petrified of measuring anywhere else.
The Novopen has become the enemy, too. After hitting a sore spot a few times in the last weeks, Eli won't have any insulin unless he can examine his thighs frantically for 'the nerve spots'.

Bad day today, made worse by my dentist appointment, looming ahead :(

Molly is great, though. She's cut down on the turds and prefers real food now. Sausages drive her insane, you wouldn't think a tiny dog can jump up to the fridge. She slept in the kids' room last night and only woke them up once by stepping on their MP3 player. If you've heard 'Baby Elephant Walk',  you know it's not a lullaby.

Now she's dreaming by my feet, making a funny sound in her sleep that sounds just like a car alarm chirp.

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