Aug 3, 2010

I want my puppy back

A Havanese puppy came to work today and I found it hard to believe Molly was ever that cute. She's turned into a real teenager, stealing contraband leftovers and sulking when told off.
When I call her, she takes her time and then turns up slowly. I bet she'd roll her eyes if she could.. "whaaaaaaaaaat?". The worst thing is, she has, erm, interests. I have a horrible feeling we have a future teenage mother in the house.

It's been incredibly hot here in the last month, over 30C-37C degrees in the day and even the nights have been stupidly hot. I must remind you that we are in Finland, the alleged land of polar bears (ours are plain old brown ones) and Santa Claus (the commercial version, not taking a stand on the existence of the real thing). We do get nice summers, but 25C is considered hot here. Anyway. The heat has gotten to all of us, including the mutt.
 I've got mosquito nets on the windows as we have a fair few of those flying about. Technically, the windows aren't open and accessible, it took me a good two hours to nail the nets on.

But Molly thought otherwise. Her Houdini impression was a success, and one morning I woke up to someone/thing scratching the door, from the outside. Lord knows what she'd been up to, she probably spent the entire night outdoors. We get up in the night to measure Eli's glucose but Molly, being a semi-failed hypodog and all, couldn't care less. She usually sleeps under our bed so we didn't know to miss her that night. The best part is, after that night, some of our neighbours have complained to the landlord that we keep our dog free. Yes, we let her roam the town every night. It's easier that way. Sigh.

Eli is breaking my heart, he is so good with his diabetes. Often when he's nearing a hypo he comes up to me and complains that his "blood sugar is fast". He catches the hypos more nowadays, though I'd rather catch them before they get that low. Evenings are difficult. He gets his last NovoRapid around seven or eight o'clock with some food, followed by a small snack just before he goes to bed. This is always guesswork, every second night we have to wake him for a bite to eat when he's crashing around midnight.

Then every other night he's stupidly high. We can repeat everything, give identical amounts of the same foods and make sure his activities match the previous nights, but the result is always a surprise. I'm going to have to measure him soon and I can just hear the drumroll... Tonight, Matthew, I'm gonna be hyper. Oh wait, no, make that a hypo. I'll be hyper in the morning, then. Grrr. It could be worse though, at least he's very good about eating/drinking in the night. P has a knack with the night feeds (to be honest, I thought they'd be over by now), he can get Eli to sup his fruit purée in two seconds flat. I get moans, cries and complaints.